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The Poland driving license theory test is a theory-based examination conducted by the regional transport authority of Poland. The driving theory test lasts 25 minutes and consists of 20 questions on basic knowledge of driving laws and 12 questions on in-depth driving topics and license categories.

Each question has only one correct answer, and there is no chance of changing the answer once selected. Based on the importance of road safety topics, the questions are categorized as 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point type questions. The candidate must score 68 points to pass the test.

  • 3 points: 10 basic and 6 advanced questions
  • 2 points: 6 basic and 4 advanced questions
  • 1 point: 4 basic and 2 advanced questions

Secure the Points for the Poland Driving Theory Test with Practice

If you wish to pass, you must be quick and accurate with the answers, and we aim to prepare you for this test to help you succeed on the first try. The Poland Egzamin Teoretyczny Na Prawo Jazdy requires 68 points to pass the test, and the answer cannot be changed after selecting the option.

We provide driving theory practice tests on our Egzamin Teoretyczny Na Prawo Jazdy website. The practice tests are meticulously designed to feel like the real Poland driving license theory test to provide familiarity to our test takers with the official exam. Know what to expect in the theory test so that there is no surprise on the day of the test.

With abundant practice, you can improve your score, grow comfortable with the test pattern, and increase your confidence. Enhanced preparation with practice tests ensures that you succeed in the Poland driving theory test effortlessly.

Benefits We Offer on our Mock Test Website

At EgzaminTeoretycznyNaPrawoJazdy.com, we provide comprehensive and up-to-date study material to help you prepare for the Poland driving theory exam.

Realistic Tests to Gain Familiarity

Prepare for the Poland driving license theory test in a simulator environment that makes you feel like you are taking the real test. Learn the way the test takes place and get familiar with the structure ahead of the exam to reduce test anxiety.

Practice for All Vehicle Categories 

We provide comprehensive practice tests for all three motor vehicle categories: cars, bikes, and trucks. The practice tests for each of these are taken from the driver’s guide handbook of the respective vehicle.

Comprehensive Learning on a Single Platform

Get ready to pass the Poland driving theory test with our effective mock tests, which will sharpen your test-taking skills. Learn the road rules with practice tests and topic-wise flashcards that are available on our platform.

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With our flexible Poland driving theory practice tests, you can keep your practice going anywhere at any time. The practice tests are accessible across all platforms and devices easily to provide a smooth learning process.

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Join us on this journey to obtain your Poland driver’s license successfully by strengthening your preparation for the driving theory test. With enough practice, the users can build self-confidence and prepare to tackle the test questions.

Poland Practice Test Plans – Free vs. Premium

The first four practice test sessions are free and include basic concepts of driving laws in Poland. If you wish to learn the core concepts with additional learning benefits, switch to our premium practice tests now.

Free Poland Driving Theory Practice Test Features 

  • 4 Poland Theory Practice Tests  
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Premium Poland Theory Practice Test Features

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